Tulip Cosmetics Product


Facial, hair and body care

Olive oil soap
Give skin is soft and shiny, Treats hair problems naturally, removes the Dandruff and prevents early gray hair. Whitening of sensitive areas, armpit, and deodorization.
Glycerin soap
Remove a makeup, treatment of skin; freckles, acne, dark spots, black head, white body cracks.

Turmeric soap
Clean the skin, use soap daily, and removal of dead cells.
Rose water soap
Give aromatic smell to the body, give skin is soft and shiny.
Honey soap
Moisturizing and peeling skin, give skin is soft and shiny.
Oatmeal soap
Whitening the skin, Eliminate skin wrinkles.
black cumin soap
Antifungal, treat acute infections, bacteria, and microbes, and antioxidant.
Laurel soap
Increases facial moisture, this prevents dryness.
Herbal soap
Treat sunburn, treat skin problems of freckles, acne, dark spots and black head.
This product Not contain any additives such as industrial odors and colors.

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